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Originally Posted by Sepulcrum View Post
You can never have too much Cardboard boxes
YouTube - Airsoft cardboard/duct tape shield (with silly helmet!)
Okay that's too much cardboard boxes.

I'm usually picky about what I get. I like having original boxes, packaging, etc. I still have all the original packing from all my upgrade parts. Hell, I still have the original plastic packaging that my molle dropleg platforms and dual-pouches came in, same with my vest and hat. The only thing I don't keep is that bubble-wrap stuff that you get your orders in, heh. That and maybe my idea of "a few bucks" may differ from what some people were thinking. My idea of "of a few bucks" is just that, like 3-5 dollars. I'm no way in hell paying $30 for an original box.

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