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Originally Posted by highny View Post
Hello everybody!

So my airsoft gun is shooting too high for my local indoor game, so I bought myself a new spring to install it on(Yaya)!

The problem I ran into is lubricating the spring!... Like I have no idea what to use to do the job!... So I went into Canadian Tires and bought myself a "Tom's Secret Formula B-404 for all-purpose lubricant".

It's a spring bottle which I'm kind of having a little doubt in it. If anyone know anything about what I'm asking, please reply... Also, would the lub I bought any good for airsoft?....

Go here, familiarize yourself with airsoft terminology, and reword your post. I don't know what you mean by a "Spring bottle".

Unless that lube is white lithium only or 100% silicone oil, then it's not likely good for airsoft as a rule of thumb.

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