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Originally Posted by Boomshakah View Post
Ok well, thanks alot for your time, just one last question, where did you get the Star mags?
The classifieds, though you can buy them practically anywhere, they're just cheaper in the classifieds. Brand new they're usually about $70-80 for ten where you can get ten for $50, shipped in some cases, from the classifieds. All my mags, m4, ak47 and mp5 are all Star mags and I've never had a problem with them. The average price of Star mags is $5-7, perhaps alittle more for the rarer types. I wouldn't advise paying any more then that but if the price is any less then ask questions.

Originally Posted by kilolima View Post has KA metal mags, mid cap, box of 5 for $67. Works out to $13.4 per mag.
I'd stay away from KA mags, especially for m4/m16 they don't have a good rep.
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