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Originally Posted by Dagda View Post
Hey, I recently got a new hop-up bucking for my CA M15A4 (M4) after ripping my old one taking the gun apart (woops) but I'm having some problems with it. After putting the bucking over the barrel, correctly I think (notch lined up with the groove) I simple cant fit the main hop-up unit over the bucking.

Is there a chance the new bucking I got is simply to thick for my old hop up or am I simply going about this the wrong way? I've spent some time looking for guides dealing with this step of assembly but not no avail.

I'll briefly explain what I'm doing in hopes someone can spot my mistake. I put the bucking onto the barrel making sure to align the notch and then attempt to slide the main hop-up chamber over top of that.

Thanks for you help.

Also I'm sorry if this should have been under the modification board but this feels like more of a beginners problem. Let me know if you figure I should take this problem elsewhere.
You may want to try putting a little silicone lube on the sleeve before sliding it in. It's been my experience that these things never just SLIDE in perfectly. Carefully twist or wiggle the barrel as you're sliding it in to the hopup. Not too much though, or you may twist the sleeve to the point where you rip it.

Keep in mind the sleeve should be snug in the hopup or it won't work as intended.

Good luck.
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