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I have to say that given the price, I'm kind of disappointed too. As a radio, it works pretty good, but the build quality is very very low. The knock off bowman headset is the worst. The build quality on the headset is extremely low and the audio quality isn't top notch. The charger just plain sucks. I unplugged it and the prongs came out and the wires broke. I had to solder the wires back on and epoxy the prongs back in to keep it from breaking everytime it's used. I was also quite disappointed to see everything thrown togeather with white glue. My antenna isn't broken, but I can tell it will break in the near future, same way kokanee's did. For $200, I was expecting better then this. It's also not the same radio shown in the photos in the thread and on the red dragon site.

EDIT: Well, repairs to the charger failed and the charger broke, AGAIN! I refuse to repair the thing every single damn time I have to charge the battery. I am not happy. The radio is useless as anything but a paper weight with the charger constantly breaking and both antennas likely to break in the very near future. Not to mention the danger of electricution it's put me in having to yank the charger prongs out of live plugs, twice now!

When I first got the radio, I was pleased. But now, with the charger breaking everytime I touch it, and the discovery of more and more flaws, I am not satisfied. With an extra 50 bucks, I could've had a top notch 5 Watt UHF, or the batteries I need for my 6 GE MPA UHFs. Right now, I essentially have a paper weight shaped like a radio.

Should've gotten element to make the radio.
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