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I wouldn't cheap out on boots.

The last thing I would want is sore feet at the end of the day or worse?.
The boots i have are black issued boots to the US army, and i putted some gel thing inside, feels great, but when the ground is wet, water gets inside too.

Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
Bug spray and sunscreen!
Ha, Muskol and Coppertone FTW!

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The universal NPT smart charger is a cheap but good choice for a basic battery charger. About $36 at No learning curve required, just plug it in and go.
Thanks, I will order it as soon as possible!

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Hicaps aren't good, they rattle, you have to wind them, and they're not very realistic. There's very few games short of hardcore milsim that requires realcaps, so low or midcaps would be fine. I personally am a realcap man though, the realism is one of the primary reasons why I was atracted to airsoft. I have nothing against lowcaps though and very little against midcaps.
Any place you'd think about to get some metal real or low or mid's for under 15$ each?

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Cat Crap is one of the best anti-fogging solutions, cheap and safe. But if you get a good pair of eye protection, with thermal lenses and/or fans then you probably won't need it.
Oh well, I'll look for it, i like my goggles, since I can wear them over my helmet. Would you recommend Spray on or normal Cat Crap?

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Also find an airsoft place near you that you can play at when you turn 18...that is a VERY important thing
Well, for now, I don't know any ''Official'' fields near my place, but i've heard something about a game at a paintball field in my city, maybe they'll do more games. For now, I only know one place, and its in the backyard land of some friends i know from long time ago.(he have a really huge land, i mean we can go with the 4 wheeler on some straight trails for 30 mins, and we are still on his land. i'll try to post some pics, sathurday I'm going there. Oh, and theres no one around to sneak out and call the cops.)

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