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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post

Hey guys. I got the gun, its a BEAST. Very heavy, hardkick version, very loud. Its atleat 5 years old.

A couple of questions.

1) The guns 5 years old. Its in great condition. is there anything I should do to the internals? Maybe a cleaning?

2) Sometimes when Im dryfiring, I can see gas come out of like the back end of the gun (Sort of like the gun is purging gas). Is this normal or not? Sometimes the gas comes out the barrel.

3) The seller told me he believes I could use c02 or compressed air that people use to clean computers with. Is this true or not? (Note: The gun is GREEN GAS/PROPANE.)

Thanks guys.
clean it maybe a little silicone oil on moving parts

kinda normal but it should not make a huge cloud

marui guns are supposed to be used with duster gas, but they are robust enough to use propane... i occasionally use duser (hfc134a) in my deagle at close range (because mine put out nearly 350 fps on propane) it hurts less!

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