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G&G M4 CQB-R Rec or JG M4 S-System

I have been comparing and contrasting the different pros and cons of many airsoft guns for the past month and have narrowed down my choices to these two guns. The G&G M4 CQB-R Rec or JG M4 S-System

The G&G M4 CQB-R Rec is found on

I have been doing research and there have been varied opinions about this site, people have been saying its a good site to buy from, while others were the opposite. I was wondering what is so different about this gun ( the rec version ) then the CQB-R. After reviewing the states of each I notice it has a lowered fps, one of 320fps, which I am not a big fan of. Can anyone confirm this fps? Everything else seems to be the same except for the lack of metal parts.

The second gun is found on Velocity Arms.

It is the Velocity Arms Custom M4S System made by Jing Gong.
I like this gun due to the fact that it has a higher fps of 360 compared to that of the G&G of 320fps. I have read reviews on this gun and people have said it was good and bad, this is the basic version and I have drawn the conclusion that it seems to be a pretty good quality gun after watching many reviews.

There is one other gun that I have considered and that is the JG Sig-552 on It looks like a good quality gun with a pretty decent fps, although it isn't that consistent. (I know this by watching chronographs during reviews.)

Any help would be grateful.
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