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Looking for a gun.

Hello, i just have a quick question, and yes i realize this is an AIRSOFT forum. Where can i buy the "Daisy® Model 1938 Red Ryder® BB Gun" Daisy

Now to explain. I have spent the lask week searching the web for a pellet/bb gun for plinking and target shooting. My friend has a break barrel from canadian tire which is ok, except i'm looking for something else. I have spent atleast 5 hours on this website reading posts about airsoft and have deemed its not for me, atleast not at the moment. Wallmart and canadian tire stuff seem to be junky except for that crosman stinger shotty. I have read a few gun reviews here and lots from basspro and other sites. Plus the daisy seems awsome for its price

I live in mississauga and am wondering where i can find this daisy gun or something similar in dependabilty (preffer break barrel or lever or even a good pump). Ordering online is out of the question for now

this is strictly for plinking and target shooting as id rather trap varmit and realease it far far away. my price range is about 130$ and i know many other posts say go to crappy tire but those just dont seem reliable. Any suggestions and advice are gladly welcomed.

Also i see no point for me to become age verrified since it seems the classifieds would be full of aeg or other guns out of my league

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