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This is a pre-order, so there could be some surpise. I offered Kokanee a return/refund since he bought through me. Next time, better come in my store check before buying if you don't like surprise lol.

Once you lock the radio keypad, the on/off red switch is locked too. So no worry.

So radio itself seems a working UHF raido with a 148 looks. Acoording to cgyarring, the radio seems pretty fun. I am looking foward to try it out myself. :-)

When I got the radio, those who are interested in can come in my store and try it out its. I will get a replacement antenna.

I also have the toy solder 148 dummy box in stock. If you have a radio and want a 148 looks, give it a try.

This is not a mass production product, but an airsoft project. price wise, you can't really compare it to a Linton radio.

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