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Originally Posted by cgyarring View Post
Yes, the build quality is low, and it doesn't look terribly pretty, but, it's going to sit in a pouch, and not really be looked at.
All in all I'd say this was a great purchase for the price. In no way would you be able to find a keypad programmable UHF radio and a Bowman Headset that would be even close to this price, better yet one that has the appearance of an MBITR.
You have to keep in mind, you're not buying just another FRS radio here, but rather a high powered UHF radio, you simply cannot try and compare the 2. You bought a chinese radio, you should have expected to do a little work to get it to run properly.
If it's just going to sit in a pouch, why does it matter whether it looks like a MBITR or not? And if appearance is not an issue, yes, there are much better deals to be had.

For around the same price, maybe a few bucks more, one can get a Linton LT-6288. It's the most highly recommended UHF set here on ASC.

Made in China, but has the full range of functions you'd expect in a UHF with a working LED and keypad (not just transmit/receive, on/off) with excellent build quality. Pick up the bowman set separately, strap a fake whip antanny to your radio pouch and you end up with a far superior set up.

And seriously, I doubt Kokanee was even remotely comparing this to bubble pack FRS when he wrote this review. Given the quality of other Chinese-made UHF like the Linton, I can see why he'd be understandably disappointed.
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