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Huang's AN/PRC-148 radio replica

I ordered the "Bowman" package AN/PRC-148 from Huang during the first round of shipments. It arrived in record time and comms from the seller were great with tracking # provided.

However after fiddling with this item for about an hour, I have to say that it is not worth the $195 I spent, or even $50. It's complete and utter shite.

Now onto the particulars;

The "rechargeable battery" goes into this section here. To get to it you have to unscrew two screws that go into the brass inserts (which are glued to the body of the radio). The plug is not a standard TM large plug, but a unique one that is matched to the included charger. The charger supplied looks to be a converted cell phone charger, so be prepared to wait a while to charge your battery up.

I should note that this connector arrived with a detached wire, I reinserted the wire before taking this photo.

The buttons seen here are the only way to interact with the radio. Drilled into the plastic body of the radio, they stick out and are an eyesore on the front portion. The red button is the power button, and pushing it for 2 seconds will turn the radio off. Given how far it sticks out, I can see this accidentally powering off your radio at random if stuck in a pouch.

The long "duckbill" style antenna that comes with the radio arrived broken, the element and connector were attached via a weak glue and came right apart.

The connector for the headset cord cannot be properly plugged into the unit. The threads on the chassis of the radio are covered in plastic, and this must be removed otherwise the cable pulls out at the slightest stiff breeze.

The battery is simply AA rechargeables thrown into a Radio Shack style battery pack, and a plug thrown on. Liberal amounts of the same white glue used on the antenna have been sprayed into the case and the screw, so I havn't gotten a chance to take it apart. But seriously, for almost $200 I'm getting this?

The only good thing I have to say about this radio is the trademark stickers. They are nice and spot on.


Overall this is the worst bit of airsoft kit I have bought over the years. Yes it's a "china made" replica, but I was expecting much much better for the kind of money that was being asked for this item.

The amount of broken/non operational bits that this unit arrived with, the lack of instructions, the crappy build quality. It all amounts to a lemon.

I'm giving this radio 1/5 Goulets. RUN! Do not walk away from this as fast as you can.

*Update: Was not able to get this radio working after charging the battery, this radio is DOA. However Huang has stood by his product and has agreed to offer me a refund.

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