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Aftermath Broxa Tac-MP5 AEG

Well just like the Kraken review I read earlier, I'd like to point out that this is not a main stream brand. However, that being said it fires as well as some that I have used. The Broxa like the Kraken is a fully integrative TM clone.

Well to start things off the packaging was fairly standard with graphics to catch the eye of the consumer, and on a humorous note, phrased on the box "The adult airsoft solution" The gun was packaged quite firmly so as to avoid damage, also included is the prerequisite cheap sling, manual, a hi cap clip, a battery with a basic charger and an unjamming rod.

Initial thought were very good, as I heaved it out of the box the weight was very nice and even. I then went in and started shaking random parts to see if there was anything loose. I was pleased when I found nothing. The nice blaze orange tip covers what I think is a 14mm thread set for any screw on mods. Now something that I did not like. The clip that is included with the Broxa feels cheap and very flimsy.

Alright, now for the important stuff, field usage. I have fielded my Broxa a number of times now and I have been very pleased with it. After reading a few reviews on other sites I learned that it shoots on average 360-370 FPS. Which I feel is very accurate since the other people I play with operate low grade m4s and I out shoot them every time. As for people saying its a CQB weapon, I see your point, but I seem to be able to shoot only a little worse than the Kraken.
As for accuracy, with the .20 BB's I use I get fairly nice groupings that I can't honestly complain with. That being said though there are times where it will start shooting very inconsistently with seemingly no internal problems.

One issue I do have on a, all to consistent basis, the Broxa seems to enjoy jamming on me. It unjams very easily but I would like to not have to at all.

Now durability, everything seems very sturdy except for a few things. The lever that is paired with a push button clip ejector broke on me only a few times out. Not a big deal since it also has the ejector button. Now the problem that makes me nervous doing anything more than a roll. The clip is so flimsy being made of plastic, and being how narrow and tall they are. I have already cracked mine and it won't be long till it breaks now. I don't see this as a reason not to buy the Broxa but a reason to buy a much better clip.

Overall, this gun shoots very well with minor problems that don't crop up too often. This is a great beginner gun and I even encourage a few vets out there to pick this one up if you need a nice little AEG.

** Sorry for the lack of pictures but I have no access to a camera.**

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