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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
Every time these pictures surface, it pisses me off. In what context can they be taken? Was the gun(s) really 400fps or less? How close was the fucktard that did the shooting to his target? What was the actual weight of the bb's being shot? Shit, I've see all of those injuries on the field, even had a few myself. Almost always caused by either:

a) Inexperienced player shooting a gun way too hot for their experience level (remember the fps limit is just that, a limit. It's not a goal) and not having the experience in fire control and target aquisition.

b) An experienced player who, for whatever reason, decides to be an asshole and lights other players up on purpose with a hot gun and at close range.

I've seen both of these happen, shit, in the same game even!
I've seen these kind of wounds done even with a stock AEG (yes it's a Marui), engagement distance and common sense in some players during games sometimes baffles me no matter what their experience is. I have mercied a guy (a loud Bang you're dead) with my stock glock19 from a distance of 3 feet and still get shot, when I ask why the hell did you shoot me for when i just mercied you?? he said that I should have shot him since the game has no mercy rules.........Hmmm i should shoot you in the head (the only thing that was exposed at the time) at 3 feet away??? some players have No fucking clue what a GBB or an AEG can do to you at 10 ft or closer range.
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