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Which gun should I buy?

I'm stuck on picking a Thompson Chicago Typewriter
Chicago Version of the Thompson model 1928. Semi & full automatic, full metal body, authentic wood effect, adjustable rear sight, steel gears & metal gear box, high cap magazine "drum" style, adjustable BAXS shooting system, NIMH battery & charger included. Velocity 465 FPS with .12g BB, power range 66 yards with .20g BB, rate of fire 750-850 BBs min
or a GSG-5
Full Simi Auto, Metal Gear Box, Full Metal Body, Adjustable Spin Up Recommend .20g or .25g BBs Mag Capacity 250 FPS: .12g BB: 365, .20g BB 274 Length: 29.3 Weight: 7.27 lbs
Any advice?
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