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Do you think that your neighbors will understand that just because ure shooting boxes with no fire coming from the flashhider that the gun is fake? In the eyes of the public, a gun that looks real is REAL to them, and hence, they will take precautionary measures in informing the police. Regardless if its your neighbors or people walking up and down the street, they will think you have a real firearm if you take it out to public

Dont you think thats kinda common sense?

Originally Posted by Ayashifx55 View Post
My friends and i went on shooting a box in my court yard and i don't know WHICH NEIGHBOR (i'm guessing it's the chinese beside my house, even though i'm chinese, i really hate that family because my friends always comes over so we have like 5-6 cars parked and sometimes, we take their parking spot which is on the street and they call the cops to trail their car because they are jealous, never have visitors.) was shooting a printer box with an g&g mp5a5 , mp5sd5 and g&G ak47 ... then the cops came and bla bla bla us and said the neighbor called the cops because they "Though" it was real guns.

Come on , would you be shooting a box with a real fire arm? would you be wasting your ammo money on boxes? hello , there's no fire coming out of the flashhider lol. Plus , g&g's are full plastic (though we painted it full black).

What did you guys tell the cops when they went to you? I'm pretty sure this is a common "problem"

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