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Originally Posted by Shirasaya View Post
I'm curious as to what you told the cops?
I am fairly new to airsofting and so if i was approached by a cop, I won't really know what to say.. other than:
cop: "your neighbor thought they saw a rifle/smg in your property being used. is this true?"
me: "I have an airsoft blah blah blah"
from here on out, I don't know what options the cops have.. the one thing I'm cautious of is what if he decides to take my baby away? and shes my first gun..
We just said its a fake gun ... shooting plastic little balls and the cops said ok but don't do this again and we went to shoot inside the house. The cops were amazed (montreal cops are friendly) about how real they looked like. Still , they were just giving us a warning to not bother others even it's a replica firearm but we got our lesson

Hey, come on , every mistake is an lesson.
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