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Yup, some ppl are so hungry for a gun, they just want to purchase one right now without waiting. Watch them regret it after doing a bit more research. Ive spent hours and hours doing research not only on ASC, but on other sites too.

You know what? I dont understand how some ppl dont want to get AV'd. If you really have passion and want to participate in this sport, I would go miles just to get AV'd. The lack of effort to get AV'd just tells me how much value beginners place in this sport, and this of course, will affect how much assistance is provided to them from the community.

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So can someone please check out the mach1 gun i have linked to?

I just got a reply from saying their guns are straiight from G&G not CAS. I have read reviews for shootsoft and they are generally alright. Can someone confirm this?
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because they want the gun NOW not next week, sarite tho, once they get AV'd their shit goes up in the classifieds right quick and for cheap too
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