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Why can't people just make the effort to get age verified? It took me 3 weeks to get it done and I had to be PROACTIVE in contacting and meeting up with the age verifier, by going to his WORK to meet up with him. I thanked him for his time and was granted access to the classifieds almost exactly a day later and I've been seeing and finding many good deals on guns and accessories in the buy/sell section. Age verifiers are doing this out of their own time with no real rewards, other than helping out the community in gaining more mature players, so you really have to be the one that is taking charge in getting this done.

If you are over 18, just make an effort to get AV'ed - that's the LEAST you can do in joining this board and getting lots of help in modding your gun or buying your first gun. You will find that people are generally more helpful and will offer better and more detailed advices to those that have been AV'ed.

Get AV'ed! You won't regret it.
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