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Every time these pictures surface, it pisses me off. In what context can they be taken? Was the gun(s) really 400fps or less? How close was the fucktard that did the shooting to his target? What was the actual weight of the bb's being shot? Shit, I've see all of those injuries on the field, even had a few myself. Almost always caused by either:

a) Inexperienced player shooting a gun way too hot for their experience level (remember the fps limit is just that, a limit. It's not a goal) and not having the experience in fire control and target aquisition.

b) An experienced player who, for whatever reason, decides to be an asshole and lights other players up on purpose with a hot gun and at close range.

I've seen both of these happen, shit, in the same game even!

Now there are the occasional rare instances where a fluke injury occurs, but those are very, very rare. If anyhting, I hope this drums home how why we take safety and safe handling practices so seriously. Wearing proper safety gear only goes so far if you have some newbie spraying everything in sight because they're excited or some retard decides to fuck up your day. Damn, I just insulted retards.
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