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I've gone through 7 bottles of "coleman" propane (different lable at Lowes?) doesn't smell that bad, it smells like...propane. That's 7 bottles since Jan 2009.

There's zero issues with the 7-8 hicapa mags that I use regularly. Haven't noticed anything bad with the tornados. I don't use the 40mm's much.

Some of the green gas stuff smells..."girly" (for lack of any other words). Some guy next to us at a game was gassing up and we all looked around for some hot Japanese girlfriend dressed up like Salior Moon...

Who would want to walk around with a scent of anime on them....?

Anyways...maybe that one can was an oddity, but it was enough. Maybe they'll make one that smells like Chris Costa...then all the Magpul guys would switch to Green Gas...
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