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I wouldn't buy the WE 1911. The combination of soft pot metal and hard kicking recoil means it's bound to work itself to death. Either catastrophic failure or slow hiccupping death. Why bother wondering if it's going to fail and barf all it's innards out on the next trigger pull.

The last CQB game was hot enough to pretty much cook off hot do you think the pistols were running?

If you have to have the 1911...I'd go TM 1911. Had two. One was plastic...worked so sexy. The other was all fancy metal...super sweet. The single stack mags and their small gas capacity were just not for me.

If 1911-ish is an option...look long and hard at the 2011 based TM Hicapa. Solid, proven, long term track records. Honestly...for whatever reason the newer ones don't seem as solid (just something in the feel) as the "old" ones. Still solid as a rock though.

If you've done it of luck (...just shoot it until it dies, decide if that was worth it and buy another GBB's too short to sweat the little things). If you haven't...consider your options carefully.
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