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Originally Posted by Boomshakah View Post
one wierd thing is theres alot of people under 18 who are allowed to handle real steel military rifles (like the C7A1, and I'm joining army reserve in september!), but are flamed if they touch to an Airsoft. thats non-sense?

Oh well, I can't wait to be allowed for Age Verification,
I suppose you think it's nonsense too that you can get a Student Pilot Permit when you're 14, but can't get your driver's learner's permit until you're 16? Or the fact you can rent a plane when you're 17, but can't rent a car until you're 25?

We have a reason for this. Those under 18 who handle real firearms are either licensed to do so, or have recieved proper military training and do it under military supervision and mandate. Neither of those exists in airsoft. The "legally responsible" speal still applies.

I go back to what I said earlier:

can we lock this thread?

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