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Wow, what he said sounds very strong and harsh, but I have to agree. Xopher, im not sure if this applies to you, but i know that many newcomers are excited in purchasing an AEG. I originally wanted to buy a G&G gun from Mach1 but I decided to spend some time to get AV'd and to look through the classified. Sometimes many ppl regret buying G&G plastic receiver gun after they have seen the classified. They wish that they can just go back in time and save their money instead of buying a plastic AEG. Anyways, im still a newbie and I might be wrong/misled, but this is all based on my experiences. Feel free to dispute me or share your other opinions. I hope that we can help you with your decision

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Dude, why are you avoiding the AV thing? The price you heard for the G&P being high is because they are high end guns. If your looking for a car, asking for a G&P is like asking for a mid-upper class BMW. Some go for a higher sticker price than others. You get what you pay for.

"Full Metal" doesn't always mean better. The metal in most full metal guns is cheap ass pot metal (if you dont know what that is, look it up somewhere). If you want one with a proper metal like steel (which [if im not mistaken] G&P uses) you get those kinds of prices. Ive had full metal guns, and plastic guns, and I find the ones with plastic bodies perform alot better since they don't rely of having the tag of "full metal" to be their only fall-back like alot of the clone companies do. They rely on their reputation of being a solid performer and they still keep their base of customers.

You will find better guns in the classifieds, its as simple as that. Old/used doesn't mean "shit" as you so put it. New, fresh out of the box could be worse because it hasn't been broken in yet, and the chances of a manufacturers defect is alot higher than a tried, tested and true used AEG from the classifieds. If you don't want to take our advice anymore, you can just stop asking and do whatever you want, if you wanna just do what you wanna do when you don't hear what you want to hear.
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