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What do i need next?

Well, I'm currently in the process of gearing up in prevision of next year airsoft season, when i'll be 18. For now, i can't think of what would i need next, so i'll post a list of what i have/will have (ordered, waiting for shipment),

I have

Gorethex Combat Boots
M88 Replica helmet
Revision Eyewear-Desert Locust Black goggles ( I got them on Ebairsoft, are they ok for protecting my eyes?)
G&G M4 Blowback (BB is useless, i know. but i did not had much choice)
Tactical Vest with Mag Pouches
5 HC Mags (for the M4, from Ebairsoft)
a spare 9.6V 1500 mAh
Eotech 552 Replica (from Ebairsoft)

For the gun, i recently bought some BB Bastards .25 (.20 were out of stock) Black here on ASC Mart
I hope they will have decent performance, as i think New gens of G&G have a stock Tightbore 6.04mm

Well, what do you guy's think of this? what do i need next to be a perfect Airsofter? (exept 18 years old, i know this one.)
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