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Originally Posted by Jayne Finch View Post
this attitude is why im reluctant to bring people into this sport. even if they are 18. some of the comments on this site are outright assault. the attacks i see on some members are just childish. we dont need age verification we need maturity verification.

halfheaded i think you have the right idea. keep your gun stored for the time being and just let it come. its a formality but its just the way it is. i hope you stick it out.
Like I said, having a conversation on internet forums can be diffilcult at times. We all jump to conclusion on something based on first impression and how the words were said (or typed, in this case), so if a post was confusing to read or not clear in intention, people may interpert it incorrectly and thus reacting to it in a hostile manner.

I'm just not used to visiting forums that have underaged minors that we have to treat differently as we would to other "mature" members, but then again, airsoft isn't really meant for those that are under the age of 18 to begin with (this is a whole other topic as well, we can agree to disagree), so it's easy to forget that sometimes we ARE talking to kids here and need to watch what we say.

The message is clear, though. You need to be responsible for your own actions when it comes to owning replica guns, and with guns there comes a certain level of expectation in terms of how you treat them - if you treat them like toys, you will eventually get hurt. I believe most of us here have good intentions toward keeping this sport safe and available to everyone (that are of age), but at the same time there must be a certain level of exeptation that needs to be put in place for anyone that wants to participate safely.
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