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Metal Hop-up Chamber. Not plastic. One piece. Doesn't mean it's amazing. Don't be conned.

8mm Ball Bearing Bushings. Larger surface area means reduced wear on the ball bearing which can mean longer life. Meaningless if the gun is shimmed incorrectly.

G&G "Strong" Motor. Implies more torque (pull a harder spring, which means you could get more fps if the spring is harder). Meaningless as it's the company's description.

Metal Ball Bearing Spring Guide. Good upgrade, Plastic spring guides are known to break. Ball bearing means the spring can turn freely on the guide and not bind.

Reinforced Piston. Stronger piston. Reinforced where? Meaningless.

Metal Piston Head. Could be a problem if it's heavy, technically meaningless as cheap metal is weaker than strong plastic. Will likely make the gun louder. ("Snap" instead of "thunk")

Silver Wiring. Implies better wiring, gauge is not mentioned, easiest way to upgrade a gun's wiring is to increase the gauge, silver wiring technically has better flow than copper. But it's probably copper wire which has been tinned with solder for better contacts.

Tactical Hand Grip. RIS adapter I'm presuming, buy real steal, better.

Silver Electroplated Tight Bore Barrel. Likely a lightweight alternative to the brass of stock guns, MadBull uses aluminum to a good effect, meaningless i the gun still shoots like stock.

There, I shaved away the bullshit. People shouldn't have to bend over backwards to get information. Enjoy.

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