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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
I'm not mad, just slightly irritated at your completely random post. To jump into drama llama mode right off the bat after I ask you what you are trying to tell us reeks of troll, so I'll simply leave this conversation after this post. I don't need another MCR fanboy crying wolf to the mods about me.

As for "letting us know so we'll help you", why should we? First, the gun has been discussed to death, so all you need to upgrade it is already on the forums. Literally everything. Second, you're 13 years old, why should I help you make a more powerfull and precise gun.

You will be met with the same attitude as every other minor on this board, why should it be different?

This doesn't mean you will be ripped to pieces as you seem to think you will be, but your "confession" will not necessarily help either.

Not really , Surebet you are a dick
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