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About making my gun unique...

So since M4s are so darn common in my area, I almost thought of giving up my M4! But thanks to my friend, he suggested I should some how craft some design on it, kind of like wood burning. But since the gun is mainly made out of metal, using a wood burner is completely unless, so question one:

1: Is there anyway to crafting drawings onto metal without using massive amount of tools like welding, sawing?
I'm just looking to make some deep scratches(but not deep enough to damage the gun) then paint over it like most logo on the plastic parts.

Secondly, I need to figure out what type of paint and finish I could use to keep the game looking great and won't have to keep worrying about scratching the design in outdoor game. So question two:

2: What type of paint stick to metal and that stays. If there's no such paint, then is there any type of thing that'll keep the dry paint protected from coming off?

Thank you.
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