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naa its all good, people are really mean because we get a lot of younger kids ( 17 and younger) who dont read the FAQ, think they know everything, ask the calssic question of " WeRe can i HAZ gunz for cheep" or they do really stupid stuff with airsoft that they can get their hands on ( playing in puplic parks, streets and bringing it to school to show friends). This brings bad exposure to the community and thus we discourage minors from playing until they are 18 ( which is a community imposed limit except in ontario ). a large percentage of the people mentioned above get snide or rude when told to get age verified or to wait until they can be age verified and so we respond in kind. over time this eventually works on our nerves and we just start off as mean without giving them a chance.

there are minors who are known and respected/tolerated in the community, shirley ( mr. hitman ) is one of these few.

im too tired to type mroe so hope this is enough
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