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What is.... the point.... of this thread again? Sorry just a little confused.

What do you expect people here to say to you? Congrats that you somehow smuggled an airsoft gun across the border without getting caught? or that you are an underaged KID that somehow got a gun without going through the ASC age verification process, and are simply rubbing it in our faces? I'm sorry but that's what I got out of your one gigantic paragraph of a rant that doesn't really communicate anything meaningful to the rest of the community.

There is a REASON why ALL airsoft guns are only supposed to be sold to those that are over the age of 18 - that is the age where one would be considered "responsible" and can make the correct judgments under difficult situations. The age verification process is essential in weeding out kids and irresponsible morons from getting access to these guns, and is a process I think can slowly help the airsoft community in putting some positive light in an otherwise negative general perception on this sport. It is not perfect (anything that invovles human interaction will never be) but it's a step towards the right direction. There is no way around it and unfortunately you just have to wait for 4 more years before you can start building up your own armory.

What is done is done, you have the gun now so just keep it and upgrade it if you want, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take it outdoors or show it off to your friends like the MANY MANY idiot kids that have done so in the past, and making news headlines when someone accidentally gets shot by the police because they thought that you had a real weapon.

Expect nothing but mostly hostility to your post because most of us adults, people in the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc, have to go through the long and dreadful process of shopping from limited online retailers, and paying 2, 3, or even 4 times as much as what everyone else pays in the world for the same guns, parts, and upgrades, MAINLY because of all the KIDS and irresponsible morons over the past decade that have contributed negatively to the sport, and making a bad name for those that participate in it (law makers and the media are to be blamed as well, but that's a whole other story).

Bottom line is - you have a replica gun now so please be responsible for it, and don't do anything that can get you or anyone else hurt. The last thing anyone in the airsoft scene wants to hear is yet another kid that gets arrested for showing off a fake gun to his classmates, and how replica guns should be banned because people commit crime with them.
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