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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
Why take the long road? People in the classifieds obviously got their gun from somewhere too, which leads back to the question I asked.
You are free to follow whatever method you feel is fit for getting an airsoft gun, its just that this websites age verified buy and sell houses a vast majority of items both new and used for sale.
You are correct, people in the classifieds did acquire their guns somewhere, for the most part most of those people bought them in the classifieds. The other small percent of people who purchased outside the classifieds either purchased a cansoft item, purchased from an age verified retailer or purchased from an older retailer who no longer exists.

Im not even sure if any of the bass pros still stock this item, the quality is not great by any means and actually it uses a bunch of parts that are not compatible with other airsoft guns due to the fact that it is not to scale from what I recall.
Actually come to think of it your best bet would be to put up a want add in the classifieds if you were heart set on it, I'm sure someone would have one they would be willing to part with.

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