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ok regarding the speed loaders i have discovered a way to make the last longer!!!

first you open them up you will see an empty area where the plunger pushes down the bb's it is across from where the little arm get's in the way of the bb's to prevent them from just rolling out. well this is thin plastic wall if you fill in the area behind it with resin or air dry clay to reinforce both sides of the shell it prevents this from flexing and breaking or jaming up with too many bb's.

I haved tried it on my broken speed loader and now it works well mostly the nozzle that feeds into the clip is busted off from trying to force it to work while at a skrim lol.

now going to work on a mod to prevent bb's from becoming jamed in behind the swing arm thats there to prevent to many bb's from feeding into the plunger at once and causing a jam that won't allow you to feed any bb's till cleared!!!
I will keep you posted.

this could lead to a near indistructable speed loader that is reliable wouldn't that be a first!!!!
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