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Originally Posted by HalfHeaded View Post
well im sorry i dont know why your mad at me or anything, i know it's a little strange what im saying but you guys in your forums are always telling underage kids to @#$% off if they own a airsoft gun. But i want to ask questions on the gun i own so that when im older i will be able to know more about it. That means i have to let people know that i own one.
It is a good gun. Lots of upgrade parts available. If you spend enough on the upgrades and install and tune them well (or get a gun doc who has experience with your gun), it can be an incredible gun. However, when it does come time for you to play, I would suggest getting a normal-sized AEG to play with. It is the best thing to start playing with and to learn with, because it gives an idea of the standard type of play. Trying to start off with a bolt-action is not much fun, and you won't learn much. An AEG would help you learn better.
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