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underage airsoft ownership issue important

hey ASC, im new to this forum as you can probably guess but i have done my homework (recently) and i feel like i have to get something off my chest. Well here it goes, last year while i was paintballing at BYOP i was getting really frustrated with paintball. You know how it is, paintball is not very realistic or acurate or anything so i asked my dad if i could get a pellet gun, my dad thought that at 13 it was way to young for a pellet gun, but he said that he would look for a safe alternative for target shooting. We went to our Canadian tire and there i saw these clear looking guns called airsoft. I purchased a cheap pistol and starting playing around with it, it broke after a while so i looked for something else. One day at school my friend and i were talking about my ghillies which i had been using for paintball, when the subject came out about airsoft. We started playing with plastic guns from Walmart at his cottage in the states. After a while of this my friend said that he got a m4, i asked where he got it from, he said that it was a from airsoft GI, so we went on it together and i ended up buying a sniper rifle,man i was so pumped. He brought it back to canada, (we purchased it from the states) and i brought it to my cottage in nova scotia, i shot at targets for a few months untill i got bored. About a month ago i was on the internet looking for tips on a new ghillie when i came across this website, i was shocked that there were a lot of people playing airsoft. I started reading the FAQ's and read forums. It soon became clear that what i had done was illegal and that if anyone here found out i had a airsoft gun i would be called a stupid little kid and that i would be banned from airsoft. Well i tried to mask myself as a kid who had no idea about the guns or anything by posting a thread about good starter guns. But i just felt bad about the whole thing so thats why im telling everyone on airsoft canada that i made a big mistake by buying this gun and that i do fell bad and im very happy that the police did not see me with it. I just want to let people know that i have one and i asking if people can help on this issue, please any help would be greatly apreciated. Also if i am flamed for being stupid or immature im okay with that, this is my falt. thank you for reading this.
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