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Take the asia price...figure 2.5x-3x for your price (in your hands). 3x is a bit of a high side...but if you prepare yourself for that type of price, you don't fall on your ass from the sticker shock.

3x would be for really great stuff that's in high demand but hard to get....2-2.5x is for the mid-range but decent stuff.

What's wild is that guys balk at the 2-3x "markup" (it's not really) on good solid stuff...yet readily accept a 3-3.5x markup on lower end stuff. A $70 crappy-to-so-so item sells for $250...and guys lap them up. Is it any wonder that most public-selling retailers would rather sell those than the better ones?

Have fun...keep a beater to loan out to a buddy, but get a nice one for yourself.
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