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Questions about MP5

Hey fellow ASC members, I decided today to work on my old MP5 I got at the Nightmarket in Richmond couple years ago, here's the specs:

ALL plastic, okay grade better than cansoft though.

V.2 mechbox, I think it's broken.

Haven't checked the internals.

Anyway before anyone says, "get age verified and buy a new MP5" well I would but, do not have time for this, seeing how I'm tight on cash and don't really play much.

So as I was saying, I just want to make the guns internals usable because I want to have an SMG that goes with TM M4, so tell me if these would work:



Selector plate:

I haven't really upgraded any AEG's before except adding a Metal body to my TM, so tell me if i'm missing anything and if this is decent.


P.S. I just want to get the Mechbox working, Im pretty sure the hop up and bore works.

P.P.S. Almost forgot, it's an MP5 SD6 TM clone, don't know what Company, no ingravings.

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