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It's not easy to craft a trigger pull on a GBB comparable to a match grade target pistol with a GBB. First off, most stock sear and hammer materials are not very hard so they need generous allowances for wear. Also because typical GBB materials are not very hard, they have higher friction when they slop past each other. Out of the box, TM trigger pulls are decently clean feeling. Not very short, but they won't have that crappy smudgy pull of a lower end gun with bare aluminum parts because TM applies a hard chrome finish to their sear-hammer components which is nice and smooth. Unfortunately they can't be ground for custom fitment because you loose the chrome.

Probably your best option is to build a TM 2011/1911 with aftermarket steel parts (hammer and sear) which you can hand stone and polish. You can also put in a stiffer hammer spring to give you a crispier trigger break with polished surfaces.
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