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Able1 I can completely relate to you, I come from a very Italian family and my mother is completely against guns in any way, shape or form. I can thank her for helping me get into airsoft tho. I played paintball for a number of years and i finally got the money to own my own gun, so i dropped a load of cash on the gun of my dreams. One day I came home and found that the gun was broken, the stock had been ripped off and the internals were gone. My mom said she sat on it and it broke. After that I felt a change was in order and started researching and getting interested in airsoft.

I'm telling you this as a warning, it sounds like your mom is acting a lot like mine. If you're staying at home and want to keep your gun i suggest you go to Canadian Tire or where ever and buy yourself a hard gun case and a lock, trust me it sounds like you will need it.
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