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how essential is camo?


how important is camoflauge? like I'm not trying to fill any sniper rolls I just wanna be your standard rifleman/grunt etc so how necessary is camo? like I found this really sweet deal on a modular vest its like $30 cheaper than the other retailers and its the same manufacturer except Its in that desert tan or coyote brown or whatever you like to call it, its also available in marpat which looks like a desert colour too. My pants are standard army woodland and I got an Opsgear OD t-shirt.

I live in Northern Alberta and its pretty green right now but theres a lot of brown from like dead grass too but mostly green, is having a tan vest gonna be a problem? should I find something in OD? like playing airsoft your not too far away from each other I dont think unless you have a ghillie suit camo is gonna be of any real help is it?

should I go ahead and buy the tan? what do you think?
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