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Originally Posted by bissa View Post
I had been around guns for about 5 years before I got my airsoft gun so I had knowledge as to how to handle a real firearm, and I treated my airsoft gun in that manner and my parents diddent mind since it ment they knew I wouldent be doing dumb shit with it. you could start saving to have a finacial buffer zone then in 6-8 months (I know a long time) you can move out and not have to worry about your mother pestering you about airsoft.
you see you're in one of the lucky families. Most people's family never heard of airsoft nor have anything deal with firearm.
My parents were completely against bb guns because back in Taiwan they've seen kids got shot with airsoft in the eye and lost their eye for it. Both my parents has firearm training (highschool for both and conscription for my dad) My dad oppose me to join the army NO matter what kind of stuff Im going into, even a doc in the army. All I could think of now is wait for 3 years and renew my PAL/RPAL license (my mom held on to my license since she doesn't trust me with it) without my parent's knowledge and store firearms on range. or wait until I move out which won't be anytime soon (talking alteast 6 years before)

General thesis, keep your airsoft, but put it in your friend's house play it there, it should effectively stop your parents control your airsoft.
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