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meh, I have bigger broken hears, initally 11-6 months before I turn 18 I was all wanting go into airsoft. about 3 months ago I got my CFSC/ CRFSC done and application in, I switch my mindset into obtaining license and getting a handgun for target shooting maybe some IPSC. On first week of July, the reference check came in, and since my mom was one of my reference (shouldn't have done that, got like 5 best friends, 3 of em knew for over 10 years, 2 5-6 years) and after the call my mom told me that she would not allow me to own a gun, see pull up one of my mischief (writing a note telling one of my classmate to stop bothering me. the only threat used was "Im not your friend anymore")I done back when I was 11 and threatens me that if I object, she's going to call to the cfc and basically prevent me to get license forever. Basically that night it destroys my entire 6 years of thought on getting firearms.

The ironic thing is that she allows (her opinions is neutral) airsoft. I dunno why, but she know clearly that the gbb I have (WOC) is setup right now pretty deadly (around 500 fps and havent install my better inner barrel) and airsoft is exactly in the completely legal zone. I'll probably never understand why she perfers to let me own an airsoft thats automatic AND semi-legal. Like she understands that using an airsoft in a crime or brandishing outside is the same criminal charges as firearms.

General lesson learn

(My mom never thought I would apply for license after CFSC/CRFSC)
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