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shotgun as a primary as an outdoor gun, I have a BLAST but I'll be brutally honest.. totally outgunned by AEG's. however if your F'n quick on your reflexes, ie target aquisition and firing before them, and you can get sneaky you can get kills. I run a very very light load out with a full length TM super 90, and a full auto glock on my leg. the shotgun is on basically a 1 point sling.

theres nothin more satisfying then poping up out of the blue on some poor enemy as he's watching the rest of your group, make him shit a brick as the shotgun goes off with no tell tale wind up.

that being said as much as I have fun with my shotgun, all I play at the moment is woodland/outdoors ... so yes I am also building an AEG... but the total and utter fun factor of learning the shotgun and the mobility is definately worth the low kill count
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