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Originally Posted by IceTray View Post
Not that I condone you're deliberate act to educate those without the.. given "privilage," it in fact does cost more than $150 for airsoft.

A lot of those sites, that are listed, well, they uhh.. how do I put this. They sell guns for well over $150. For example, mach; their cheapest gun is about $310.
So unless you want something that will last a few games, and crap out on you, no, $150 won't cut it. And sure, you could go buy the Kraken, or the Broxa, but after upgrades to make it half way worthy, you've spent over $150.
For the love of god don't buy a Broxa... I just worked on one of those things... So many issues that I didn't think were physically possible...

The outer barrel and front sight piece is cast so poorly that when I put a tightbore barrel in.. if I put the front sight on too far it would bend the inner barrel up, mis-feed then tear the hop-up rubber.

Damn Broxa ate both my spare Guarder rubbers
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