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Originally Posted by Christo View Post
Dont listen to all of these gun freaks,, if you want to star airsoft with 150 thats enough,, but dont get anything from wallmart or canadiantire. go on youtube check out the account called


In the channel discription theres a list of canadian airsoft websites
Not that I condone you're deliberate act to educate those without the.. given "privilage," it in fact does cost more than $150 for airsoft.

A lot of those sites, that are listed, well, they uhh.. how do I put this. They sell guns for well over $150. For example, mach; their cheapest gun is about $310.
So unless you want something that will last a few games, and crap out on you, no, $150 won't cut it. And sure, you could go buy the Kraken, or the Broxa, but after upgrades to make it half way worthy, you've spent over $150.
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