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yeah low grade bb's are no good... often there not perfectly round and some times have a very faint ridge on them the come from the factory.. low grade bb's often arnt polished real well leading to a number of jamming problems.... i had artic white bio degradable bb's from good old wallie world when i got my first aeg... needless to say i blew a mech box because of all the dry firing because the bb's would jam religiously... as well because of the bb not being perfectly round it will cause serious accuracy issues (not that you probably care if your using a shotty) but these cheap bb's tend to have air bubbles in them which throw off the balance of the bb.... if you've put cheap bbs through your gun take a good long look at everything... and for the love of god toss the bb's you have left... (or give them to the opposite team... lol)
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