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Originally Posted by blackcaddi View Post
TTry to live with them as much as you can because once you move out it's a whole lot of responsibilities to be alone.
Truth speaker speaks truth. Living on your own opens up a whole massive more amount of shit you never would have thought of living at home. Some parents don't actually do a very good job at preping their kids for the real world (mine did! Thanks mom and dad!) and a lot of kids get a very blunt awakening when they move away from home. I've seen this every single year I've been at college.

Now that I have my first real (Ie, professional) job and getting my own apartment soon (ie, no roommates), I'm glad my parents are close enough that I can still ask them for help and advice when I need it. When you get a little older you really start to realise how "right" some of the things your parents said or tried to teach you are; things that you shrugged off when you were a teenager.

Yea, you're still living with them, and it can be tough as you get older. But like I said, it's their house, their rules. Enjoy having only 20% of real life shit to worry about, and don't piss them off.. because trust me, there WILL be times in your near future you'll need them again for something.

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