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Originally Posted by Cheesevillage View Post
A healthy family will be happy to house their son at 18 years old.

There is a lot of "move out - they hate you" in this thread and thats just plain wrong.

Your mother is ignorant, sick maybe. She needs someone to help her with priorities.
I have no idea what the underlying issues are but it sounds like your family needs some help keeping it real.

Her reaction is a symptom of something more sinister.
I don't normally post on stuff like this, but this particular post just gets me.

I don't think you have any right to say that about anyones parents regardless of your views. Seriously. So the guys Mom doesn't like guns and war games. That's no crime. Frankly, she has every right to feel however she feels and HE should be more mindful about respecting those wishes. These "toys" aren't just another Xbox you know. They DO from time to time draw bad attention and instead of coming on ASC an asking for help, maybe someone should be listening to his parents and finding an alternative to storing whatever it is he has. I'm not saying quit playing, but make it less obvious and quit walking around thinking just because you're 18, you're entitled to an opinion when you aren't paying the bills.

To those who have no experience with guns or airsoft, guns = violence and bad stuff in general. I agree it's an ignorant view, but folks who live at home with Mom and Dad need to respect the wishes of their parents and if you don't like that, then simply move out. Another idea for future reference is... ASK. Maybe try and ease the individual into the idea instead of inviting a stranger over into your parents home to talk about guns.

Anyway, nuff said.. Hate to sound like a grandpa here, but...
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