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Easy to accomplish, but most of the time expensive.

My most silent rifle however is a JG M4A1, ported the piston, installed a sorbo pad and G5 silencer.

It makes enough difference to make me think that my rifle is broken when I remove the silencer.

Most of the fields that will allow SR will limit them to 450 fps MAX. And you need a side arm that shoots under 350. (Basically any stock GBB pistol). You can also use an MP5/MP7 or P90 if you want (because they are small).

However, if you play sniper, you will find that you are lucky to take 1 shot per game. Sniping is more of a intel gathering/infiltration behavior.

Basically, the range difference is minimal between an AEG and SR. The difference is that the AEG will spread at the effective range. The SR will (should) be more constant to let you predict the patern of the BB.

On the opposite side, a stock AEG running on 8.4v will shoot about 15 bb/sec. You will shoot at MOST 1 bb/sec. when you are VERY used to your rifle with a SR.

Also, the distance between your maximum range and the range of an AEG can be run easily under a second. This means that is you miss, you are dead.
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