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Originally Posted by Battle Sight Zero View Post
Hey I've been looking into getting a shotgun, my friend got a crossman one to canadian tire to dick around with and i really like the look and feel. I've found one i really like a ACM M500 (a Maruzen clone). I'm just wondering if anyone has any experiences they could share with shotguns in the field, and if it would be worth it if everyone im playing with is using AEG's.
ACM M500 is a clone of the Marushin M500, not Maruzen. The Maruzens are either springers or gas with ejecting shells.

I have one (5x6mm) and I love it. I sometimes carry it as a secondary. If you're skirmishing with people hosing out hicap after hicap on full auto you'll be outgunned, but in a more milsim setup its very usable against AEGs. Like anything, you just have to know how to use the weapon you have.
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